i ordered theater chairs on www.4seating.com. My order was completed as IN-STOCK.

my account was debited 2 days later and it is now 3 weeks later and i have been given the run-around about my order daily, these people appear to be working from home. I was told 2 weeks ago that my chairs were on a boat being shipped to CA and it would arrive any day. 1 wek ago i was told they arrived and would be shipped to me immediately. 4 days later im told that they are actually on backorder and wil arrive in 8 weeks!

they have promised to credit my account for 3 days and i still have no email notification not see a credit reflected in my account. DO NOT ORDER FROM www.4seating.com, It's a scam!

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This is the worst company I've ever dealt with in my entire life. They don't even understand any concept of customer service.

Not only did it take over four weeks for my theater seats to arrive, once they did their incompetent delivery drivers couldn't even get them in my house even though I already have a similar set in there. In trying to solve this problem, they said that they would have someone who could take apart the chairs and put them together inside of the room. This resulted in another four weeks of waiting in which they never once called me and I had to make at least six phone calls to them every single week in order to get any kind of response whatsoever. Eventually they told me that they just couldn't do it and that they were going to charge me $780 to ship the chairs back to them even know the white glove delivery cost me only $150 to get to me.

Total scam. After dealing with supposedly the manager Alex for sometime, who was completely rude to me every time I dealt with him I eventually asked to speak to his boss. A woman came on the phone who earlier seem to be his secretary not his boss so I don't even think I actually got to speak to his boss. After arguing with her for 30 minutes over the lack of customer service and demanding an apology that I never really even got, with Alex yelling in the background, I got them to pay for half of the return shipping so still cost me $350 for something that they were too incompetent to put in properly in the first place.

I've since gone with another company and I'm happy to report I have my second row of theater seats in with no issues.

Once again I cannot express this enough stay away from this company! 4seating.com is a total scam with the worst customer service I've ever seen!


4 seating.com has gone under new ownership and have greatly increased their quality of products and customer satisfaction. I order some chair from their website and was greatly pleased with the quality when they came in.

The lady i spoke to on the phone was extremelly nice and told me all the information i asked for.

within a week my chairs arrived. I highly recommend 4seating.com :grin


Thank you all. I was going to order from them but now I will order elsewhere. Many thanks for the advice as my order would have been quite substantial RD


Total Scam company..Bought my chairs last year in November. Recieved them in March.

8 chairs 5 were the right ones 3 wrong ones. Had to wait another 3 months. They will not answer their phones and if they do they hang up on you.

Do Not buy from this company it's worth the cost to go some where else. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with.


Thank you alllll so much for your reviews. I was just about to make a purchase. Good luck to you all.



This company communicates poorly, if at all.

Doesn't return emails or phone calls in a timely manner, if at all.

Shipped my items on one skid indicating 8 packages. Delivered only 6. No one is able to tell me where the other two packages are. The risers are missing. The arm tables I ordered and paid extra for didn't arrive. They sent me the basic black ones. This could be a successful company if they knew a thing or two about processes and customer service. This could not have been a worst experience.


Ordered on 3/27. PLaced an order of $8,000 approx.

It has been delayed twice from the original order delivery date of 6/6/12.

Now they tell me it will be another 6-8 weeks todays date is July 14th. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM!!


Total *** of a retailer. They need to be investigated by the State of CA as well as the BBB.

Their Website calculates a lower price than what they end up charging you. Even during the CC confirmation process, their Website shows a cheaper price than what they charge your CC company.

The worst part is they won't admit the system glitch and won't honor the price. I've asked my CC company to dispute the whole charge.


I wrote on here November 30, 2011 Today is January 19, 2012 and still have not received my chairs from 4 seating, I could write a lot of things about this so called company, but will just say, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM, Please listen to me, I would not want anyone else to go through this. They tell you something and 2 days later it's something else.

I think i'm out of my 3,000.00, but still trying to get my chairs or my money back, No luck with either. Again PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM 4SEATING.COM


I wish I would have checked before placing my order, it's been 6 weeks and no chairs, was promised Nov 17th but now have been told new date is Jan 2012 because the leather for chairs did not come in. was told I was getting a 300.00 credit been waiting a week for that, I keep calling and keep being told I will get a call back, but still no calls.


Unfortunately, I am dealing with 4seating.com right now regarding my order. The set of theater chairs I ordered was also 'In Stock...Ships Today'.

My cc was charged two days after the order was placed, yet they held the shipment for two weeks. Supposedly the shipment is finally in transit, however, I am remaining skeptical until it arrives at my door! I would not recommend ordering from this company because of their false advertising and incompetent staff. Each time I contacted the company they lied about when my order was shipping.

They were also unable to supply me with the tracking #.

Sad such a shady company is still allowed to operate. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR MONEY!!!!!

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